Our partner choir in Rio

We are very conscious of how lucky we are to be able to share our music with appreciative listeners in beautiful buildings against a background of relative peace and prosperity, and we are acutely aware that not everyone in the world is so privileged. In addition to giving occasional charity performances ourselves, we endeavour to support musical causes around the world, and are very proud to be twinned with the Museum of Tomorrow choir in Rio de Janeiro, one of a number of choirs of homeless people in Rio run by the international With One Voice initiative. Through membership of a choir, people in very difficult circumstances can significantly improve their wellbeing and their sense of purpose and social inclusion. We support their work by taking collections after our concerts, and by reaching out to them in various other ways, extending the hand of friendship across the ocean.

Click here to find out more about With One Voice, or here to make a donation to the work of the choir in Rio.

Photo right: courtesy of Lorena Mossa. Photo above: Ralph Woodward with members of the choir in the Museum of Tomorrow, Rio de Janeiro.